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Mother knows that baby’s little body must be kept pure and clean, so that baby stays safe and healthy. It’s why Maaté’s specialized line of products is specifically formulated with the most gentle of natural extracts to preserve your baby’s delicate innocence.

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  1. Baby Hair Cleanser
    250 ml

    Maaté’s Hair Cleanser (Baby Shampoo) is a fine blend of natural emollients and extracts which conditions the scalp and cleanse hair without stripping the scalp’s natural oils. 

    Rinsing your little one’s hair is an integral part of their daily routine but the harsh effects of shampoo on those soft and delicate strands are always a concern. Maaté ensures you feel good about what you put on your baby’s tender scalp while cleansing their hair. 

  2. Baby Body Wash
    250 ml

    A baby’s bath time is a special daily ritual that gives a mother time to cherish some laughs and those special candid moments with her little one. Giving your baby a refreshing with Maate's Baby Body Wash bath not only pampers their gentle skin, but also adds to their health. Maaté’s moisturizing baby body wash is Natural Baby Soap formulated with natural cleansers that cleanse with care and leave your baby’s tender skin soft, supple and radiant.