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Exclusive baby care products that you just can’t miss!

Motherhood is an adventure; no one can fully prepare you for. It is a journey of a lifetime and you as a mother learn through the way. As you navigate your way around finding the right baby care products, it’s very natural to feel lost and confused due to the plethora of information available online. Information on baby body-care products, especially, is widely accessible and can catch your attention. And thus it is important to note that this market of body care products for babies can be...

best baby shampoo

The ideal hair-care routine for your baby’s luscious locks

As soon as your baby arrives, everything changes. The world gets better, the hearts grow fuller and the responsibilities get bigger. As you vow to protect your little baby from all worldly vices, it’s important to nourish each and every part of their body."Proper hair care helps in keeping the hair shiny and healthy. Using a shampoo and baby oil that include parabens and SLS/SLES is not the best option for your little one. Instead, it is advisable to use products infused with herbs that help keep...