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About Us

Ethics & Values

Maaté uses only the purest, natural ingredients because we believe in nurturing a toxin-free body and planet. The word ‘Maaté’ in Sanskrit means Mother. It’s our tribute to you, dear mother, as you commence this beautiful journey. It’s also a salutation to Mother Earth from whom we all draw life and nourishment.

What you put on your baby’s body should be as pure and authentic as what you put within his or her body. That’s why Maaté offers an all-natural range created with love and care, incorporating the benefits of both timeless tradition and science.

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Why Maaté

Oils are a lifeline

Ayurveda has documented and proven the curative, holistic health benefits offered by authentic, natural oils. These chemical free oils have tangible health benefits such as supple moisturized skin, cellular growth, and overall mental well being. Maaté uses only the premium, natural oils as the base ingredient for all our products, giving your baby the incredible benefits of authentic oil-based care.

Specific Products for Specific Needs

In a market obsessed with one-stop solutions for your baby, we at Maaté realize that products need to have specific benefits for the different parts of your child’s delicate and growing body. Keeping these salient differences in mind Maaté has designed specific products like our Face Butter to ensure your baby’s facial skin & features are protected and repaired from the harsh pollutants and oxidants that come in contact with it. Differentiating it from the Body Butter, which provides deep moisturization across the limbs and body. Maaté offers a range of best baby care products that have been specifically formulated and tested to provide targeted benefits for your baby.

Genuine Health Benefits

Our baby products are formulated to offer tangible wellness benefits to your child. Maaté does not believe in improving cosmetic appearances over authentic health benefits. No additives or fragrances are added to our products to enhance cosmetic allure. Maaté products are formulated keeping the health benefits they bring to your child. A gift from nature for you, the mother who nurtures.

Made by Mothers

Each Maaté product is patiently made for you by our family of working mothers. They put in the key ingredients of love, care into each product which is essential in this journey of motherhood. Our team consists of working mothers who are trained in the skills of herb extraction, blending and storage techniques inspired by the books of Ayurveda. Maaté is helping train rural women to develop skills and support their families.

Quality Testing & Industry Standards

From the sourcing of raw materials to checking the efficacy of our products; Maaté ensures that only the very best quality baby care products are prepared for your family. Key ingredients are sourced, tested in quarantine chambers before being subjected to micro-biology tests, only after which they are deemed fit to be used in a formulation. Every finished batch is extensively tested in an independent NABL & International standard laboratories before being shipped to you. To provide long last and natural health benefits for your baby, the product efficacy is regularly checked, ensuring a healthy & strong Maaté baby.

Made in the lap of nature

Maaté products are produced using modern techniques, inspired by ancient Ayurveda recipes. Extraction of herbs happens via manual processes, without any chemical intervention.
Our GMP certified facility is situated in a rustic, natural abode, far from industrial areas and city pollution.


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Maaté Founders

Suresh Raina
(Indian International Cricketer)

Suresh Raina needs no introduction, on or off the field. A chief proponent behind Maaté’s inception, Mr. Raina, well known as an all-rounder, brings an extraordinary sense of holistic purpose to the enterprise. A capable entrepreneurial leader, his vision for Maaté is to make it an authoritative name in the premium Baby Care products segment.

Priyanka Raina
(Entrepreneur & Philanthropist)

Mrs. Priyanka Raina planted the seed for Maaté’s beginnings, with her keen sensibility for every mother’s and baby’s needs. With her stance towards using all-natural ingredients and materials, Mrs. Raina sets Maaté apart with her ambition for a truly ethical product. A former banker and engineer by profession, she is the key management driver, from paper to reality. Known for her diligence and industrious temperament, Mrs. Raina embraces a spirit of goodwill and social work laying a strong foundation for Maaté’s business values.

Giving Back to Mothers

Maaté works with the Gracia Raina Foundation (GRF) in its efforts to empower women, in and on the cusp of their reproductive phase, with platforms that enable them to make informed choices about their health. GRF follows a lifecycle approach to help women & young girls, through various cultural sensitive programs on adolescent health, maternal health, and gender sensitisation for a healthy & happy future for both mother & child.

Maternal Health & Reproductive Health

Gender Sensitisation

Adolescent Health

sustainability & reducing carbon footprint

Maaté uses only high-quality, tested natural ingredients because we believe in a toxin-free body and planet.

In our consistent efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we use glass in the majority of our product containers. The small percentage of plastic that we use is all PET-G high-grade plastic which can be re-used and is of food-grade quality.

In addition to this when manufacturing our glass bottles, the spray paint used for the distinct Maaté Pearl white shade is achieved by using water-soluble spray paint techniques. This advanced technology does not use any chemical-based paints. The cartons used to package our range of products are made from certified paper and high-grade chemical-free ink.

Our caring is reflected in our actions, because every small step counts.

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Maaté is committed to creating a comprehensive range of baby care products with natural oil extracts & without any chemicals or artificial preservatives.